Arc Manufacturing celebrates 28 years with ‘Made of Jamaica’ campaign Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Materials manufacturing company Arc Manufacturing has launched a brand campaign, titled “Made of Jamaica” to showcase its commitment to Jamaican excellence, quality and culture.

The “Made of Jamaica” initiative is also fittingly coupled with anniversary commemorations as ARC celebrates its 28th year of operations on May 16.

Norman Horne, Executive chairman of ARC Manufacturing emphasised ARC’s allegiance to the Jamaican regulatory framework and underscores its dedication to operating within the legal boundaries of its home country as the sole point of operation.

“We are a registered Jamaican company. We are not registered in St Lucia. We are not registered in Bermuda. We are not registered in any other jurisdiction,” Horne outlined. “One hundred percent of our profits and earnings are reinvested in Jamaica and that’s because we love our country, and we want to participate in the economic and social development of our people,” he added.

With a rich history of producing high-quality building materials, ARC has been a staple in Jamaican construction for nearly three decades.

The “Made of Jamaica” brand positioning is a natural evolution of the company’s dedication to its home.

In explaining company’s decision for the campaign name, Horne noted: “There is an unyielding, unbeatable spirit that runs through us as Jamaicans and at ARC we have found a way to harness this spirit and infuse it in all that we do: our commitment to quality, investing in our people and communities and the strong partnerships with our customers.”

“We are saying that when you see ARC Manufacturing, you see the spirit and pride of Jamaica! That’s what we represent,” he stated.

The campaign activities, spanning the month of May, will include a church service, the distribution of digital and traditional media content, complete with discounts on select items, which will be available to customers between May 16 to 31.