How to renew your motor vehicle registration online Loop Jamaica

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The Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) has, since April 1, resumed conducting a pilot of its Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate (MVRC) renewal online service.

This service, it said, will allow users to apply, pay online and pick-up the MVRC and sticker within three business days, at one of six tax offices, involved at this time, utilising a special pick-up window.

In this initial phase, only customers with a private motor vehicle with valid insurance certificates or cover notes, and fitness will be able to apply and pay online to renew their MVRC.

Once processed, they will be sent an email notification to pick up the registration documents at any of the following tax offices they had selected:

Kingston Revenue Service CentreSt Andrew Revenue Service CentreMontego Bay Revenue Service CentreSpanish Town Tax OfficeMay Pen Tax OfficeSt Ann’s Bay Tax Office

The TAJ said customers will also be able to track the progress of the registration online using its new Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal tracking facility.

How it works

Persons will only be able to renew their registration online where the vehicle has valid Fitness and Insurance Certificates, electronically verified via the integrated databases of the Island Traffic Authority (ITA), the Insurance Association of Jamaica (IAJ) and TAJ.

Additionally, renewal will only be allowed if the certificate expires within 90 days or up to 11 months after expiry.

The TAJ said motorists are able to confirm their insurance status by clicking the web link to the Insurance Vehicle Information System (IVIS) prior to attempting to renew the MVRC.

If persons have documentation, indicating that their vehicle is covered, and not represented on, they are advised to contact their insurance company.

To complete the online renewal process, customers will be required to enter the information captured on the previous MVRC. The information entered will be validated electronically to ensure that it matches with a current Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate before the transaction can be completed.

It should be noted that the individual conducting the transaction online would be required to input the details of their valid driver’s licence to complete the transaction.

During the renewal process, customers will be required to indicate their preferred tax office for document pick-up, and to provide an email address for their “delivery contact”, which will be used to notify them when the MVRC is ready.

The customer or their identified contact/agent must then visit the tax office indicated after they receive email confirmation that the document is ready for pick-up.

Persons should take along a valid form of government-issued identification, such as a driver’s licence, passport or voter’s ID. It should be noted, that persons picking up the renewed documents will not have to join the main line but will be directed to a special pick up station.

TAJ said it continues to change the way it does business through strategic partnerships, and has collaborated with the Insurance Association of Jamaica and eGov Jamaica Limited to integrate the TAJ’s Automated Motor Vehicle System with the Insurance Vehicle Information System, to re-engineer its business process to make the renewal of MVRC online a reality.

“Work continues to fully implement and build out the online service, to include other vehicle types and delivery options in subsequent phases,” the TAJ said.