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Shamille Scott

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Danielle Howe pays homage to mom with gourmet snack business

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In the midst of the pandemic, with time on her hands, Danielle Howe embarked on a delicious journey fusing her mom’s favourite snack, caramel popcorn, with a Jamaican twist – rum!

Following positive feedback from her acquaintances and loved ones, Howe was motivated to transform her passion into a business. Thus, the Munching Unicorn was born.

This innovative brand doesn’t just stop at rum; Howe infuses a medley of Jamaican flavours like coffee and Scotch bonnet pepper, catering to adult tastes while still delighting the younger crowd with other flavours of popcorn and marshmallow. 

Howe, finds joy in the positive feedback from both adults and children alike, reminiscing on the bonding experiences shared over their scrumptious treats.

From s’mores boards brimming with variety to the heartwarming stories of generations coming together, each bite aims to capture the essence of cherished moments.

Video edited by Ramon Lindsay.

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