Incumbent mayor eyes more divisions for the PNP in St Thomas Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Incumbent Morant Bay Mayor Hubert ‘Ryan’ Williams is predicting that the People’s National Party will retain the majority holding in the municipal corporation at the conclusion of the Local Government Election on Monday.

Speaking with Loop News earlier, Williams said that he would not declare how many of the 10 seats the Opposition party would retain, but he expects to get the majority.

He did declare that he would win big in his division, which is the White Horse Division.

In the 2016 Local Government Election, the PNP and the JLP won five seats each in St Thomas. The tie was broken, and the JLP was allowed to appoint a mayor by virtue of the fact that it received more of the popular vote.

However, in November 2022, Williams was appointed to the position of mayor, following the death of the councillor for the Trinityville Division, Lenworth Rawle (Jamaica Labour Party), which shifted the balance power in the municipal corporation and forced the resignation of the JLP’s Michael Hue as mayor.