JLP group calls on civil society to hold Golding accountable Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Young Jamaica, the youth arm of the Jamaica Labour Party, says it is calling on all civil society groups to hold Leader of the Opposition Mark Golding accountable for his dual citizenship situation and to critically examine his stance on Jamaica’s political future.

“Golding has consistently pushed for legislative changes that would allow dual citizens to sit in the Jamaican Parliament. This stance, however, raises significant concerns given Golding’s own dual citizenship status as it reveals a fundamental conflict of interest,” the group said in a release.

“It begs the question, how can a leader who holds allegiance to another country be fully committed to Jamaica’s best interests? This is particularly pertinent as Jamaica debates the critical issue of transitioning to a republic. Golding, who has shown little incentive to prioritize this national objective, appears more focused on ensuring his personal and political survival than on championing Jamaica’s sovereignty,” the release stated.

 Golding, has since maintaining that he remains “compliant” with the laws of Jamaica.

“I am compliant with the Constitution and laws of Jamaica, and I undertake to the people of Jamaica that I will continue to be so,” Golding declared.

His response on Monday came after Prime Minister Andrew Holness said any individual who aspires to lead Jamaica should not hold any other citizenship.

Golding was quoted in media as saying that he holds British citizen by decent and he will not be renouncing it because there is no legal need for him to do so.

On Saturday, Golding stated on X, formerly Twitter, that he is a “born Jamaican” with a Jamaican passport.

The JLP youth arm however went further.

“We urge civil society groups to scrutinize Golding’s motives and actions. By advocating for dual citizens to sit in Parliament, Golding is effectively seeking to rewrite the rules for his benefit, undermining the integrity of our legislative framework. This hypocrisy is not only an affront to the Jamaican people but also a stark indication of where Golding’s true interests lie – pure political gain,” the release from the group stated.

 “Jamaica deserves leaders who are wholly committed to the nation’s advancement and free from divided loyalties. It is essential that we remain vigilant and question the intentions of those who seek to shape our laws and our future. Civil society groups must rise to this occasion, calling out Mark Golding for attempting to deceive the public and urging him to put Jamaica first.

Young Jamaica stands firm in its belief that national leaders must embody the highest standards of loyalty  and we call on all Jamaicans to reject the self-serving agendas of individuals who prioritize personal gain over national interest.”