JWN Foundation triples donation efforts to fight period poverty Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The JWN Foundation tripled its period poverty donation efforts and distributed over 1,800 menstrual kits through their staff volunteer network across three parishes in Jamaica: Clarendon, St Elizabeth, and Kingston as part of their #endperiodpoverty campaign.

Institutions such as Seaview Gardens Primary in Kingston, Race Course Primary in Clarendon and Bogue All Age in St Elizabeth are just a few of the institutions that will benefit from this well needed donation.

The foundation started focusing on the issue in 2020 based the experience of working in communities where many young girls are unable to afford the cost of sanitary napkins. That year, the foundation donated 650 menstrual care packages to 12 institutions. Since its inception, the JWN Foundation has already donated 9,472 sanitary products, aiding 5,075 women across 20 institutions.

Earlier this year, International Women’s Day (IWD) 2024 was celebrated under the theme “Inspire Inclusion.” This theme emphasizes the importance of women being included and feeling a sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment.

JWN dedicated the entire month of March to women. As part of the celebrations, the company hosted the ‘Spirited Women’ Luncheon while simultaneously launching the annual End Period Poverty Campaign.

Due to the collaboration with the ‘spirited women’s luncheon, the celebrated women all pledged nearly $300,000 cash and other in kind support towards the foundation’s expanded efforts.

 According to Anna Liao, one of the “Spirited Women” & owner of National Self-Serve Wholesale, “I never realized the struggles some women were going through. Some of these things we take for granted because it’s just a part of life, but my eyes were opened during the luncheon when I watched that video showcasing the work that the JWN Foundation has being doing over the years, so I had to contribute. I had to play my part. It’s something I think we must do to help the many young girls that are struggling,” she shared.

Tanikie McClarthy Allen, CEO of the JWN Foundation was very happy with the increased supported by the ‘Spirited Women’ to expand and extend the reach of the Period Poverty Campaign. According to her, “We are proud of the extra support being extended by the spirited women to expand the reach of this campaign to reach even more girls. As little as $1,000 can help one girl with 3 months’ supply so imagine the collective support of many and what that will do to these young women whose lives we will be touching. Along with T. Geddes Grant as one of our trusted partners, I’m also happy to share that this year we can afford to increase and expand the offering to each girl so aside from the sanitary napkins we provided wipes, and a convenient pouch to maintain privacy while at the same time helping the girls to form healthy habits of being prepared for their cycles.”

She continued, “this year’s expansion is part of our continued support to ending period poverty and we at the JWN Foundation believe that by empowering women and providing them with the necessary resources, we can make a significant difference in their lives. Through our efforts, we hope to inspire inclusive practices and create a more equitable society for all,” she ended. The JWN Foundation operates under three pillars – education, culture and social inclusion – and focuses its attention in areas surrounding its business operations at Spanish Town Road in Kingston: New Yarmouth in Clarendon and Appleton Estate in St Elizabeth.