Licenced salespersons lists now weekly requirement for realtors Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Real estate dealers across Jamaica are now required to submit weekly updated lists of salespersons within their employ who have paid the requisite licensing fees, along with proof of the payments.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Real Estate Board (REB), Phillip Chambers, says this will greatly improve the entity’s payment confirmation and receipting process.

Additionally, he said it will result in faster turnaround times for the generation of licences, as the permit is produced only after payment is received and confirmed.

“All dealers and salesmen are issued a licence, which expires at the end of the next financial year, on March 31. Practitioners must renew their licence on or before this date to continue practising, in accordance with the Real Estate (Dealers and Developers) Act,” the CEO told JIS News.

Practitioners who conduct business without valid authorisation may be charged with a criminal offence and tried in court.

Chambers also informed that the board provides for payment of licence fees in two installments, with the first due on April 1 and the second on September 1.

“We are making an adjustment to [the] payment options. We have been plagued by unidentified payments, primarily as a result of persons making in-branch bank payments or online third-party transfers without providing the necessary identifiers.

“We are, therefore, discouraging persons from using these methods for making payments of any kind,” Chambers said.Practitioners may use the Board’s Client Portal, which can be found at, to make payments.

Other payment options are the National Commercial Bank or Scotiabank online bill payment platforms or in-person at the board’s office,  24 Trafalgar Road, Kingston.