Residents and cops involved in standoff in Westmoreland; 2 arrested, Loop Jamaica

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Residents and cops n standoff

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Police have launched a high-level probe following an incident in Westmoreland in which a group of officers and residents were involved in a standoff.

A video of the incident has been making the rounds on the internet which shows members of a police team on Sunday going into the Negril section of the parish, to turn off the music at an entertainment event.

Police said while at the location a heated argument started and one male resident, who was part of a larger group, was accused of hitting a female officer in the face.

Police said they apprehended one man and that was when they came under further attack.

Reports from police on the ground are that they were physically abused as they placed a handcuff on the man whom they apprehended. He managed to escape.

Police said at least one other person from the community was taken into custody.  Police say they are searching for other persons who were part of the group that attacked the police officers.

Residents in the area however told a different story and accused the police of trying to use unnecessary force on citizens in the area.

In one instance the residents accused the police of kicking and stamping down on a man who was on the ground.

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