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Senior Police Officer Speaks At Ray Ray Market

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A senior lawman from the Kingston Western Police Division has raised suspicion about the sequence of fires that have destroyed large sections of or all of ‘Ray Ray’ Market in downtown Kingston over recent years.

Speaking from the burnt-out facility, Deputy Superintendent O Foster said the major fires have occurred almost annually for a number of years, and said it is difficult to attribute them to coincidence.

Vendors on location shared the same perspective.

Deputy Superintendent O Foster talking with some of the ill-fated vendors of ‘Ray Ray’ Market in downtown Kingston after Tuesday morning’s fire that devastated the facility. 

Foster pledged that a thorough investigation will be conducted by the police into the latest development on Tuesday morning, to determine if anyone or any persons was or were behind the blaze that has again left many vendors counting their losses.

Reports are that the fire started sometime after 2am and quickly engulfed many stalls and goods belonging to vendors.

It is so far not clear what started the fire.

The last fire there was on January 9, 2023

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