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Ever dreamt of going to the rooftop deck of a hotel in Kingston to be serenaded by some of your favourite artistes?

Well, Smirnoff intends to bring many dreams to reality with Smirnoff Serenades.

The brand creates an opportunity for patrons to get to know some of their favourite artistes through an intimate acoustic session every month.

This month’s featured artiste is Jamaican songbird Alaine Laughton, who dazzled the crowd with her vocals and personality.

Patrons relaxed to the reggae melodies while enjoying scrumptious fare prepared by District 5, the R Hotel’s restaurant.

Borne of a collaboration between Smirnoff, R Hotel, and ARTS Chic Agency, Smirnoff Serenades stands out by creating a personal connection between listeners and their beloved artistes.

Smirnoff Serenades is held on the last Sunday of every month at the R Hotel in Kingston.

Loop Lens goes to the roof at the R.

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