St James most wanted man among two Jamaicans arrested in Haiti Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Two men, including one of the figures most wanted by the St James police, were held in Haiti last week.

The men, 25-year-old Oshane ‘Bruk Hand’ Francis, who is being sought by the St James police on multiple murder charges; and 31-year-old Jason Latouche, were arrested after Haitian residents reported that they were suspected of being armed in a community there.

Arold Jean, Haitian police spokesperson, has said Interpol is facilitating the extradition of Francis and Latouche to Jamaica, but the timeline for their transfer is yet to be determined.

Currently, the two are being held in a jail in the city of Cap-Haïtien.

Francis has been featured on the Jamaican police’s wanted list for some time in relation to a series of double and triple murders.

The Haitian police said the two men had reportedly been in Haiti for about two months.

But one of the men was said to have a nine-month-old son in the country, which suggested that they may have left and returned to Haiti.

Haitian residents also reported to the police that the two men owned a small boat, which was likely used for the 333-mile journey from Jamaica to Haiti.

However, the police have not yet located the boat or the weapons the men were suspected to have had. However, during the arrest operations, police officers reportedly found marijuana joints in the possession of the individuals.

On February 13, Mitchell Winston Evan, another Jamaican citizen, was arrested by Haitian police. The arrest occurred in the northern region’s Fort Saint-Michel, where Evan, reportedly accompanied by a Haitian accomplice, was caught with 192.5 kilograms of marijuana.