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The Government has made substantial investments over the years in enhancing border security, says Minister of National Security, Dr Horace Chang.

“The investments include a coastal radar system, the acquisition of offshore patrol vessels, but critically, the use of technological solutions to manage and regulate security and movements at our ports of entry, in particular the airports, where the visible change is now clear to all,” Dr Chang stated.

“We have not only seen the physical expansion of our busiest airport but going through the halls, on any busy day now, is a far different experience from what existed previously,” he added.

The Minister was making his contribution to the 2024/2025 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives, on Tuesday (May 14).

Dr Chang said electronic kiosks and e-gates have been installed at the international airports to ensure that there is a “pleasant experience coming into Jamaica”.

“The Immigration Restriction (Commonwealth Citizen) Act and the Aliens Act are currently being updated to harmonise and modernise the legal framework to effectively address current border security and control mechanisms. It will strengthen anti-terrorism measures and improve the activities of PICA (Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency) with greater support for the use of technology,” the minister said.

Dr Chang further noted that the Visa Policy was also tabled in the House, “demonstrating even further the Government’s commitment to border control and greater efficiency at our ports”.

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